May 18th

On 18th May 1516, Robert Bradlay of Halifax claimed the sanctuary of St John ‘s church Beverley for debt. Fugitives from justice often travelled long distances to get to a registered sanctuary, in order to be safe for a time from their pursuers. photo shows the Frith Stool in the Minster, the innermost sanctuary.

On 18th May 1957, Queen Elizabeth II visited Hull for the day and while here visited one of the new houses on Longhill Estate. She also visited Paragon Station, Paragon Square, St Andrews Dock, St Andrews Dock Surgery, Hull University, the Sailors’ Children’s Society, Hull Royal Infirmary, the Guildhall, King George dock, East Park, Wilton House, and Corporation Pier. She had 184 people presented to her, from the Archbishop of York to Mrs Annie Nock, fish house worker.


minster - frith stool.JPG

May 17th

On 17th May 1660, King Charles II’s accession to the throne was announced in Hull; from a gallows in the Marketplace the arms of the Commonwealth and effigies of Oliver Cromwell and Serjeant Bradshaw were hanged.

On 17th May 1881, after its first year of concerts, Hull Philharmonic Society recorded a loss of £15 12s8d.

On 17th May 1943, John Pulford, DFM, 23, was flight engineer on the ‘Dam Busters’ raid which destroyed the Mohne & Edersee dams, Germany. Died when his plane crashed in Sussex 12.2.1944. (b 24.12.1919 Sculcoates)

On 17th May 1954, Arthur Lucan died in his dressing room at the Tivoli Theatre, Paragon Street, Hull, during preparations for a new revue; Lucan was famous for playing Old Mother Riley in many films and shows.


May 16th

On 16th May 1478, Robert Bilton, husbandman, from Hutton Cranswick, sought sanctuary in the Collegiate Church of St John (now the Minster) for the homicide of Thomas Mathyn at Cranswick.

On 16th May 1678, Christopher Richardson, Hull surgeon, apothecary and alderman, was refused permission to stand down as alderman, even after agreeing to pay a fine of £75. Aged 65, he continued to attend Corporation meetings until his death in 1702. Had previously been Sheriff of Hull (1665) and Mayor twice (1660 and 1678).

On 16th May 1917, former Reckitt’s employeed Private Thomas Samuel Taylor was killed in action, serving with 2nd Battalion South Wales Borderers. No known grave.

On 16th May 1941, one of the worst nights of bombing saw 57 dead in East Hull, including 50 in the Ellis Terrace air raid shelter, which took a direct hit. 20 others were injured in Holderness Road, Hedon Road and Alexandra Dock.

On 16th May 1952, Hammond’s new Ferensway store opened to replace the building bombed during WW2. In the ’Celebration offers’, oak dining tables were on sale for £7 10s. photo shows the old building during the war.hammonds blitz


May 14th

On 14th May 1595, George Wharton, 12, left Londesborough to work at Gray’s Inn, London for 9 months; he then became a student at Caius College, Cambridge. His mother had died 3 years before, since when he had lived with his uncle, the Earl of Cumberland, at Londesborough. He never succeeded to the title, as he died in a duel aged 24.

On 14th May 1917, James Smith, 30, chief engineer of the Hull trawler Bel Lilly, was lost with all hands North East of Peterhead due to enemy action.

On 14th May 1941, Hull Municipal Kitchens ended a week in which they had served 350k meals, after Hull’s worst bombing, and this despite the destruction of all stocks of food delivered by the Ministry of Food, and of a number of Emergency Feeding Centres.

May 13th

On 13th May 1585, the Hull Mayor and aldermen ordered that the town defences be improved by erecting a mud wall on the east side of the north gates to the harbour. (near modern North Bridge)

On 13th May 1595, Richard Laverock and 2 other musicians performed for the Duke of Cumberland’s household at Londesborough, and were paid 10shillings. In his younger days, Laverock had been described as a minstrel, but the Vagabond Act 1572 outlawed wandering minstrels and masterless men, so he renamed himself a musician. photo shows medieval minstrels at Hull Hanse Day

On 13th May 1954, the University of Hull gained full Univeersity status with power to award degrees, after 26 years as a University College.

Hanse Day 2016