May 13th

On 13th May 1585, the Hull Mayor and aldermen ordered that the town defences be improved by erecting a mud wall on the east side of the north gates to the harbour. (near modern North Bridge)

On 13th May 1595, Richard Laverock and 2 other musicians performed for the Duke of Cumberland’s household at Londesborough, and were paid 10shillings. In his younger days, Laverock had been described as a minstrel, but the Vagabond Act 1572 outlawed wandering minstrels and masterless men, so he renamed himself a musician. photo shows medieval minstrels at Hull Hanse Day

On 13th May 1954, the University of Hull gained full Univeersity status with power to award degrees, after 26 years as a University College.

Hanse Day 2016

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