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Every day, events in the history of Hull and East Yorkshire are posted on their anniversary. Events can come from any year, from Saxon times to last year. Events in the life of ordinary people who lived in Hull and East Yorkshire, (not just ‘the great and the good’ – though they are there too).

To view, just go to the relevant month and click on the date you want. The blog page tells you what’s coming up in the next week or so.

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Errors:                              There will unevitably be some typos, and historical inaccuracy (though I have tried to verify each entry where possible). Please let me know if you find an error, or if you have more information to add to the story.

Recurring themes:                  Blitz;   Coastal erosion;             Crime, witchcraft, smuggling;            English Civil War;      Entertainers;   Entrepreneurs;       Exploration and emigration;


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Fairs and markets;                   Heroes;                        Inventors and scientists;               Pilgrimage of Grace;                                     Ports – fishing, whaling, commerce, military;                        Reform and rebellion;      Religion and dissent;                                   Saints, monks and hermits;           Sanctuary;                        Tragedy                        and other things


You will soon gather that this page has been drawn up by one individual, and it is biased (e.g. towards Holderness, people and places named Osgerby/Osgodby), and influenced by the random way in which I have gathered information. I am not a trained historian, but an enthusiastic amateur. That does not mean I tolerate errors or sloppy work, so I welcome comments, corrections, and additions.

Why Hull and East Yorkshire?

Because for some reason this area is often overlooked. The role of the Percies in East Yorkshire is often overlooked because they took the name of Dukes of Northumberland, the de la Poles were Dukes of Suffolk, the Cliffords Dukes of Cumberland, for instance.

Many momentous, interesting, mundane and just plain whacky events took place in East Yorkshire; they deserve to be better known. The area includes all those places which are now, or ever have been, within the boundaries of the East Riding.

If these short snippets get you interested, why not take a tour around, follow one of the many quality guided tours, and get to know a fascinating corner of the world – which is fast disappearing.


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