May 18th

On 18th May 1516, Robert Bradlay of Halifax claimed the sanctuary of St John ‘s church Beverley for debt. Fugitives from justice often travelled long distances to get to a registered sanctuary, in order to be safe for a time from their pursuers. photo shows the Frith Stool in the Minster, the innermost sanctuary.

On 18th May 1957, Queen Elizabeth II visited Hull for the day and while here visited one of the new houses on Longhill Estate. She also visited Paragon Station, Paragon Square, St Andrews Dock, St Andrews Dock Surgery, Hull University, the Sailors’ Children’s Society, Hull Royal Infirmary, the Guildhall, King George dock, East Park, Wilton House, and Corporation Pier. She had 184 people presented to her, from the Archbishop of York to Mrs Annie Nock, fish house worker.


minster - frith stool.JPG

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