August 28th

On 28th August 1643, after the Parliamentarian army fell back to Hull, the Royalists looted and plundered Beverley and nearby villages, even the residents who were Royalist supporters. Another band of Royalists entered Cottingham, and many residents fled to Hull, including Robert Burton, the agent of Sir Thomas Barrington, who had land in Cottingham.

On 28th August 1860, Pearson Park, Hull’s first public park, was inaugurated with a 2-day event and a parade 2 miles long. 30,000 visitors came to Hull by train to take part in the event, which included tree planting, a formal dinner, and fireworks.

On 28th August 1900, Duggie Wakefield was born in Hull. Comedian, star of 13 films in the 1930s, and revue artiste. Also brother in law of Gracie Fields. Considered as popular in the North as Max Miller was in the South. Died 14.4.51

On 28th August 1915, Percy Cawkwell, aged 19, was on top of a tram in Beverley Road, Hull, when a teenage girl called him a ‘slacker’ for not being in uniform.  He immediately decided to sign up, despite being blind in one eye. He was accepted into the Royal Army Medical Corps and became a stretcher bearer.

On 28th August 1952, Mary Dawson Elwell died, aged 78, at Bar House, Beverley. Artist, her early works in the name MD Holmes. She married Fred Elwell RA in 1914, and later works signed are M D Elwell.  (b Liverpool 13.8.1874) photo shows ‘A garden in Beverley’


Mary Elwell A gdn in Bev

August 21st

On 21st August 1821, Zachariah Charles Pearson was born in Hull.  Ship’s captain, later ship owner.  Sheriff of Hull 1858, Mayor 1859 – 1862. In 1860, he gave 27 acres to the town for a public park, now Pearson Park. During the American Civil War, he sold arms and equipment to the Confederates, it is said to ensure a supply of cotton to the Hull cotton mills.   He lost several ships to action by the US Federal Navy and was made bankrupt in 1863. He resigned all public posts, and was disgraced, never regaining his former position. Died 29.10.1891

On 21st August 1833, the flying buttresses at the northeast of the tower of St Patrick’s church, Patrington, were blown down and damaged the roof during a violent storm.

On 21st August 2005, Hull businessman Graham Boanas waded across the Humber, from Brough to Whitton, one of the most dangerous waterways in the UK, to raise money for charity.  The only recorded instance of this feat.

graham boanas