October 9th

On 9th October 1487, John Kape, husbandman of Kilham, confessed to killing Thomas Holme, labourer, with a dagger, and claimed sanctuary in the church of St John, Beverley.

On 9th October 1830, the whaler Abram was the first of the Hull fleet to return to port after a disastrous season in which 6 Hull ships were lost, and 15 from other ports.  Capt Edward Dannatt of the Progress reported the loss of his ship and the others. Most of those which returned in October and November had very poor catches.

On 9th October 1929, fire officers were called out to a fire at Howden Minster, thought to be arson. They had no access to a water supply, and had to use the moat in the Ashes Park. All 8 bells fell from the tower and had to be recast.

On 9th October 1953, Fred Elwell was made an honorary freeman of Beverley for his contribution to art. Several of his works are in Beverley Treasure House.

Fred Elwell

August 28th

On 28th August 1643, after the Parliamentarian army fell back to Hull, the Royalists looted and plundered Beverley and nearby villages, even the residents who were Royalist supporters. Another band of Royalists entered Cottingham, and many residents fled to Hull, including Robert Burton, the agent of Sir Thomas Barrington, who had land in Cottingham.

On 28th August 1860, Pearson Park, Hull’s first public park, was inaugurated with a 2-day event and a parade 2 miles long. 30,000 visitors came to Hull by train to take part in the event, which included tree planting, a formal dinner, and fireworks.

On 28th August 1900, Duggie Wakefield was born in Hull. Comedian, star of 13 films in the 1930s, and revue artiste. Also brother in law of Gracie Fields. Considered as popular in the North as Max Miller was in the South. Died 14.4.51

On 28th August 1915, Percy Cawkwell, aged 19, was on top of a tram in Beverley Road, Hull, when a teenage girl called him a ‘slacker’ for not being in uniform.  He immediately decided to sign up, despite being blind in one eye. He was accepted into the Royal Army Medical Corps and became a stretcher bearer.

On 28th August 1952, Mary Dawson Elwell died, aged 78, at Bar House, Beverley. Artist, her early works in the name MD Holmes. She married Fred Elwell RA in 1914, and later works signed are M D Elwell.  (b Liverpool 13.8.1874) photo shows ‘A garden in Beverley’


Mary Elwell A gdn in Bev

June 29th

On 29th June 1643, Captain Hotham was arrested in Hull, but Sir John escaped and tried to cross the river to make his way to his fortified house at Scorborough. Not being able to cross at Stoneferry or Wawne, he rode to Beverley, where he found a troop of Parliamentary soldiers. He put himself at their head and ordered them to follow him.  Their commander, Matthew Boynton, countermanded the order and Hotham tried to escape through the streets, but was knocked off his horse and arrested. The Mayor, aldermen and other burgesses met to appoint a temporary Governor and committee, until Parliament could give directions.

On 29th June 1840, John Tasker was convicted of larceny at Beverley Sessions Court, and sentenced to 7 years’ transportation. At the same sessions, Joshua Needham was sentenced to 14 year’s transportation for receiving stolen goods.

On 29th June 1870, Frederick William Elwell was born in Beverley.  Painter and member of the Royal Academy, he painted portraits of King George V and TR Ferens, amongst others. His wife Mary was also an accomplished artist. (d 3.1.1958)

On 29th June 1939, the body of Thomas Smith, 27, spare hand, washed up at Paull, and was identified as one of the crew of the Lady Jeanette, which sank on 8.3.1939.