October 26th

On 26th October 1515, Hull shoemaker William Baker claimed sanctuary at the church of St John, Beverley, for a felony (no details given)

On 26th October 1587, the wife of Dr Vavasour of Hesslewood & her 2 daughters died after being taken prisoner, (presumably in Hull Castle) with her 2 daughters, in 1581. She was questioned in 1576 about her failing to attend church. In 1578 her husband’s goods were seized to pay her fines.

On 26th October 1662, 7 poor residents of North Ferriby parish received money from the Poor Rate of between 1s and 2s every 4 weeks (presumably dependent on the number of children they had); of the 7, three were widows, one a single woman, and three men. Those 83 ratepayers who could afford to contribute paid between 2d and 15s a year.

On 26th October 1866, Lord Hotham officially opened the Sykes Monument, as a memorial to Sir Tatton Sykes (d 1863), the money being raised by subscription by local people. The monument is a local landmark, on Garton Hill, near Sledmere, and can be seen from many miles away.

On 26th October 1950, Garden Village (Hull) Ltd was dissolved after the death of Sir Philip Reckitt; rents had been held at 1914 levels.




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