November 18th

On 18th November 1620, the son of Thomas Peirson of Shipton (now Shiptonthorpe) hoped for a post in the kitchen at Londesborough House, the seat of Francis Clifford, Earl of Cumberland. Either he was not suitable, or there was no post available. He was given 12d costs as compensation. Posts were usually filled by personal recommendation, often from families who had worked in the house in the past.

On 18th November 1910, Benjamin Bolton, aged 48, of 5 Suffolk Terrace, Hornsea, died after falling from a moving train near Brough.  A prominent Hornsea citizen, member of the Conservative Party and member of Hornsea Music Union, he played cricket for Hull, Hornsea & Yorkshire and bowled out W G Grace. The inquest returned a verdict of accidental death. (b23.9.1862 Cottingham)

On 18th November 1938, Sir Henry Joseph Wood, founder of the Proms, resigned as conductor of the Hull Philharmonic Society after 15 years. The committee considered Sir Malcolm Sargent as his replacement, but he was not available. Basil Cameron was engaged. photo shows the orchestra in Hull City Hall


August 8th

On 8th August 1576, Sarah Houslay, aged 27, from Shipton(thorpe) was hanged with Edward de Satre at York Tyburn, outside Micklegate Bar, and their bodies buried near the River Foss. They were convicted of passing forged promissory notes at an inn in Leeds.

On 8th August 1586, John  Finglow or Fingley, aged 32, was executed by hanging, drawing and quartering at York for being a Catholic priest and reconciling English subjects to the Catholic church. Studied at Caius College, Cambridge, and was ordained at Reims in 1581. He was beatified in 1987 as a Catholic martyr. (baptised Barmby in the Marsh 1553)

On 8th August 1871,  William Colbeck was born in Myton Place, Hull. He took part in the first expedition to overwinter in the Antarctic, 1898-1900. Awarded Royal Geographic Society’s Back Award. Took part in the expedition to locate Captain Scott’s Discovery.  Cape Colbeck in the Ross Sea is named for him, and he is commemorated by a cream plaque in Hull. (Died 1930.)

On 8th August 1991, former Hull University student John McCarthy was released after 5 years as a hostage in  Beirut.