September 23rd

On 23rd September 1066, Harold Hardraada, with his Norse troops, fresh from securing York, made his way to Stamford Bridge for a parley with locals about provisions. Instead, he met Harold Godwinson’s army, and he died at the Battle of Stamford Bridge, ‘the most important battle that has ever been fought in England’.

On 23rd September 1581, Hull alderman and merchant Peter Crewe was fined the sum of £1 in 3 instalments for using false weights in selling bales of flax to a merchant called Trewyt of Nottingham and others. (& see 30.9)

On 23rd September 1704, Henry Stork, seaman who served in a man-of-war in the Queen’s Fleet, was buried after 6 months of illness at home in Hutton, after being invalided out of the Navy, fighting in the War of the Spanish Succession, in Europe or in North America. We do not know what he suffered from.

On 23rd September 1779, John Paul Jones, American navy commander, fought the Battle of Flamborough Head: an American squadron attacked a large British merchant convoy and their 2 escort vessels, during the American War of Independence.

On 23rd September 1797, Hull Trinity House paid 18 shillings to Thomas Ward, mate of the Flora, and Thomas Porrell, a seaman, after their ship was captured by the French.

On 23rd September 1897, Frank Percy Bentley, a boy, summoned George Creaser of Nafferton for assault; Creaser pleaded guilty for hitting him ‘once or twice’ with a stick after finding his son and Bentley fighting. The Driffield magistrates also heard at least 6 cases of ‘drunk and disorderly’ behaviour, a case of non-payment of rates and poor rate, a dispute about rates of pay, a summons for allowing horses to stray, a case of begging, and one assault. All despatched before lunch.

stamford bridge3.JPG

June 17th

On 17th June 1763, it was the 3rd day of Beverley Races, held on Westood, between the Newbald and Walkington roads. On each morning a cock fight was held for a prize of 4 guineas, 40 to the overall winner. An assembly was held every night at the new Assembly Rooms. In Whitsun Week 1765, the Races were held on the Hurn for the first time. In 1769, a stand was built. photo shows modern racecourse.

On 17th June 1987, St Andrews C of E Junior High School, Sutton, was broken into over night. Some damage to windows and the video security case badly damaged.

On 17th June 2017, David Lonsdale won the first ever Hull Hnefatafl Tournament against Steve Lonsdale at Hull & East Yorkshire Museum. The board game was developed by the Vikings, and pieces have been excavated in Hull.