September 15th

On 15th September 1415, Henry V issued a General Pardon to the Mayor and town of Hull.  It is not clear for what they were being pardoned, though it may have been a general relaxation of taxes in gratitude for providing soldiers – or ships – after his success at Agincourt.

On 15th September 1561, William Calverde rented from Hull Corporation land called Hurne Close in Myton, with the right to pasture 20 sheep in the Common Carr of Myton.

On 15th September 1636, Hull Corporation was warned to prevent seamen arriving from ports infected with plague from coming ashore. Hull was in the midst of a serious 3-year outbreak which began in 1635.

On 15th September 1636, James II turned out of office 11 of the 13 elected Hull aldermen, the Mayor, High Steward, Recorder and Town Clerk, and replaced them with his own choice. This put Marmaduke Lord Langdale, in the powerful position of Governor of the garrison and Recorder, backed by 1199 soldiers, billeted on the residents. In December that year, Langdale was himself ejected.


On 15th September 1864, Crown Prince Umberto of Italy stayed overnight at the Beverley Arms, after attending the St Leger at Doncaster, and left to visit James Hall’s stud at Scorborough.

On 15th September 1948, Mr J.H. Wilson, 33, labourer-driver, employed by East Riding  Agricultural Committee, was badly injured when he drove a lorry across a temporary rail crossing at Garton on the Wolds. The lorry was wrecked by a train, killing 3 Polish and Hungarian workers, and injuring another 4. The workers were people displaced by WW2, who were travelling to a Garton farm to help with the harvest. An enquiry recommended steps to improve the crossing.

August 5th

On 5th August 1661, Marmaduke Langdale, 1stBaron Langdale of Holme, died, aged 63, at Holme on Spalding Moor. High Sheriff of Yorkshire 1639. Joined the Royalist side in the Civil War, and had a distinguished military career, being imprisoned and escaping twice. He was ennobled by Charles II in exile and returned from exile at the Restoration, becoming Lieutenant of the West Riding.

On 5th August 1664, Peter Rawson of Hull was indicted as a common disturber of the peace.

On 5th August 1918, the last Zeppelin raid on Hull took place.  Visibility was good, and it was driven away by searchlights. No casualties.Marmaduke_Langdale2