April 28th

On 28th April 1489, Henry Percy, 4thEarl of Northumberland, was lynched at Cocklodge near Thirsk by a rioting mob protesting against high taxes, during the Yorkshire Rebellion. He was buried in a newly built chapel in Beverley Minster.

On 28th April 1825, a bull sperm whale washed up at Tunstall, and was dissected on the beach by Dr James Alderson, before being articulated by Edward Wallis, and put on display to the public at Burton Constable Hall. Herman Melville saw the whale and referred to it in his novel “Moby Dick’. The remains of the skeleton are still on show.

On 28th April 1876, Hull sculptor Thomas Earle died aged 66. A member of the Earle family of stonemasons and later shipbuilders, Thomas made a successful career in London. His works in Hull include the statue of Dr John Alderson (Hull Royal Infirmary), Oceanus (Trinity House), Queen Victoria (Pearson Park), Thomas Ferres (Hull Minster – see below) and Edward I (Guildhall). Awarded Royal Academy Gold Medal 1851.

Thos Ferres by Thos Earle

January 31st

Thos Ferres memorial

On 31st January 1631, Thomas Ferres died, aged 63. Mayor of Hull, Sheriff, and alderman, warden of Hull Trinity House. He left the Whitefriargate estate to Hull Trinity House, the rents to be used for the poor of the House. He also left bequests of over £1,000 to the poor. His memorial by local sculptor Earle is in Hull Minster.

On 31st January 1918, former Reckitt’s employee George William Trowell, 27, private with the East Yorkshire Regiment, win action on 23.4.17. No known grave. Was posted as missing, believed killed.  He was wounded in September 1916, discharged from hospital and returned to France.  He died in action on 23.4.17. He has no known grave.


July 13th

On 13th July 1496, Bartholomew Pereson of Driffield claimed sanctuary at the church of St John, Beverley, for the murder of John Elyot.

On 13th July 1854, 3 men and a boy drowned when they fell off the Dowthorpe as it was being launched. About 300 people had boarded the ship before the launch, and deliberately rocked the boat. Many fell into the water and 4 drowned. A tug “Ann Scarborough’ was capsized by the number of people trying to board her from the water.

On 13th July 1936, Oswald Mosley, leader of British Union of Fascists,  found himself unable to book a hall in Hull. Mosley planned to give a speech in Corporation Fields, to recruit blackshirts to his organisation, but they were met with a large and hostile group of local people, and a riot ensued. Mosley was not able to give his speech.

On 13th July 1951, a fire broke out in No 1 Shed, Humber Dock, Hull, destroying £100,000’s worth of cargo awaiting shipping. The probable cause was said to be a discarded cigarette, and made worse by a gas leak.

Dowthorpe July 1854?