December 23rd

On 23rd December 1226, Robert ‘Furfan’ de Ros, of Roos, died, aged about 54. 1stLord of Helmsley, son-in-law of the Scottish king William the Lion, a Knight Templar and one of the barons enforcing the Magna Carta. His tomb is in the Temple church, London.

On 23rd December 1510, Peter Swake and Roland Dale of Catton claimed sanctuary at the church of St Cuthbert, Durham, as accessories to homicide. About 25.11.1510, they were present when Richard Horsley of Catton was taken from his mother’s house in Catton to a field, where he received several wounds, from which he died about a month later. They feared being  indicted as accessories. On 5.7.1511, another Catton man, William Ratcliff, entered the sanctuary with the same story, although he had taken sanctuary in Beverley for the homicide the previous year.

On 23rd December 1535, Austin Tennant of Hull claimed sanctuary at the church of St John, Beverley, for homicide and felony (details not recorded).  On the same day, the sanctuary received another 4 fugitives, from Leeds, Wakefield, and Thornton and Tealby in Lincs, 3 for felony and 1 for debt.

On 23rd December 1640, Sir John Lister died in Hull, aged 53. He left land at Thorngumbald to provide income for the poor, and money to set up the almshouses known as Lister’s Hospital. Twice Mayor of Hull, and MP, he built the house now known as Wilberforce House. He is commemorated in Holy Trinity church, where he also left money for repairs.

On 23rd December 1689, Johannes Frederick Bellow, a Danish trooper, was executed in Beverley Market Place for killing fellow soldier Daniel Straker, in a duel. Both are buried in St Mary’s churchyard.

On 23rd December 1732, a hurricane removed the roof and steeple of Hornsea church, destroyed 24 houses and overturned a windmill, and interrupted the parish clerk in the act of concealing smuggled goods in the crypt of the church.

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November 14th

On 14th November 1067, William the Conqueror knighted Sir Lionel Saltmarshe of Saltmarsh and gave him the manor of Saltmarsh (needs verification)

On 14th November 1504, Richard Squier, tailor, of Catton, claimed sanctuary at the church of St John, Beverley, for the theft of cloth, and for breaking out of the King’s gaol in York.

On 14th November 1906, Thomas Anderton, 44, of 53 Francis St, Hull, deckhand on steam trawler Canada, drowned along with the ship’s cook, in the River Thames at Gravesend when the ship’s boat capsized.

On 14th November 1913, Dan Billany was born in Essex Street, Hull. An active socialist, he was a teacher, and author. His novel ‘The Trap’ was highly respected. As an officer in the EY Regiment, he was captured in 1942 and a Prisoner of War in Italy until released in 1943. Last seen 20.11.1943, fate unknown.

Dan Billany The Trap