December 11th

Meaux Abbey Farm


On 11th December 1538, Ellerton Gilbertine Priory was dissolved and the monks pensioned off. Sir John Aske of Aughton was granted the monastic lands, part of which became the parish church and graveyard. I have no record of the fate of the 13 poor elderly men whom the priory hospital was created to house.

On 11th December 1539, the Abbot and monks of Meaux Abbey were pensioned off when the monastery was dissolved. The abbot retired to Skerne, and some of monks took up posts as curates in Welwick, Keyingham and Beeford. photo shows farm near the site

On 11th December 1647, priest John Saltmarsh, MA, died. Author, theologian, rector, deacon and Chaplain in the Parliamentary Army during the Civil War. Argued for religious toleration and liberty of conscience. Told Cromwell and Fairfax that God was angry with them for their treatment of the Levellers, and resigned his post with the Army. (b Saltmarsh date?)

On 11th December 1915, former Reckitt’s employee Private Edgar Winson was killed in action, serving with 10thBtn West Yorkshire Regiment. Born Spurn. No known grave.


November 14th

On 14th November 1067, William the Conqueror knighted Sir Lionel Saltmarshe of Saltmarsh and gave him the manor of Saltmarsh (needs verification)

On 14th November 1504, Richard Squier, tailor, of Catton, claimed sanctuary at the church of St John, Beverley, for the theft of cloth, and for breaking out of the King’s gaol in York.

On 14th November 1906, Thomas Anderton, 44, of 53 Francis St, Hull, deckhand on steam trawler Canada, drowned along with the ship’s cook, in the River Thames at Gravesend when the ship’s boat capsized.

On 14th November 1913, Dan Billany was born in Essex Street, Hull. An active socialist, he was a teacher, and author. His novel ‘The Trap’ was highly respected. As an officer in the EY Regiment, he was captured in 1942 and a Prisoner of War in Italy until released in 1943. Last seen 20.11.1943, fate unknown.

Dan Billany The Trap