September 30th

On 30th September 1540, King Henry VIII’s commissioners dissolved the priory at Swine.

On 30th September 1541, King Henry VIII took part in (i.e. strongly influenced the outcome of) the Hull mayoral election, and presented the new mayor with his sword.

On 3oth September 1581, Peter Crewe was appointed one of the 2 Hull chamberlains, a week after his fellow aldermen fined him for using faulty weights.

On 30th September 1643, Thomas Raikes, due to stand down after his year as Hull Mayor, was encouraged to stand for a second term, in view of his vigilance on behalf of the town during the events of the Civil War, and in particular the 2nd siege of Hull, which was still ongoing. He was re-elected.

On 30th September 1686, Elizabeth Boyse obtained a licence from Hull town council to sell wine and keep a tavern at her home (described as a mansion house), at the sign of the King’s Head in High Street.

On 30th September 1904, the first of 52 cases of diphtheria were reported in Nafferton; the epidemic killed 7 people, mainly children at the National School.  The school was closed, but infections continued as many local families lived in overcrowded conditions. photo shows modern Nafferton




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