October 1st

On 1st October 1646, Sir Henry Griffith of Burton Agnes was fined £7,547 as a Colonel in the Royalist army (a delinquent) in order to recover his goods which had been sequestered by Parliament. His fine was reduced in 1650 to £5,122.

On 1st October 1782, William Spence was born in Bishop Burton. He became famous for writings on entomology, a Fellow of the Royal Society, the first editor of the Hull newspaper the Rockingham, and involved with the Hull firm of Blundell Spence. Died 6.1.1860  see photo

On 1st October 1857, Thomas Bentley Locke, retired banker, JP of Hessle Mount committed suicide by shooting himself in the head with a pistol, apparently believing he might be implicated in the failure of the Harrison Watson & Locke bank, from which he had retired over 20 years before.


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