September 27th


On 27th September 1599, the Hull Mayor and Aldermen ordered that no Hull resident should attend any play or interlude performed in the town, or risk a fine of 2s6d, and that the owner of any house allowing a play to be performed be fined 20s. It is suggested that the Lord Chamberlain’s Men, Shakespeare’s company, may have paid Hull a visit and performed at the King’s Head, High Street.

On 27th September 1642, the Royalist battery at Paull built for 12 guns in July was destroyed by a bombardment from the Parliamentary ships Lion and Employment; the church was also damaged.

On 27th September 1759, Keith Thomas was baptised in Brandesburton parish church; he later became professor of geography to the Royal household, and published a number of books on mathematics.

On 27th September 1782, less than a year after setting up the Hull General Infirmary charity, funds of £2,876 were raised, enabling a hospital to be opened in temporary premises in George Street (on the site of the Dorchester Cinema)

On 27th September 1813, Altisidora, a filly bred by Richard Watt at Bishop Burton won the St Leger; the village pub is named after her.

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