October 16th

john de sutton


On 16th October 1312, John de Sutton of Sutton-on-Hull was listed with other followers of the Earl of Lancaster as pardoned for his part in the death of Piers Gaveston, King Edward II’s favourite and Lord of Holderness. photo of Sutton church

On 16th Ocotber 1617, John Gildas confessed to the Patrington Manor Court that he had 3 times stolen barley and beans from Mr Hall’s (the rector) tithe barn.

On 16th October 1763, Ann Chameron was buried in Hutton with no ceremony, as she was a Catholic. Burial by a Catholic priest would have incurred a £20 fine.

On 16th October 1939, New Theatre (Hull) Limited, Kingston Square, opened with a production of “Me and my Girl’ by Noel Gay.



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