August 14th

On 14th August 1715, John Burdas, bricklayer, aged 26, placed a “ffaine” (possibly a weather vane?) on top of the newly-repaired top of the steeple of St Patrick’s church. This required him to stand for some hours with one foot on the top stone and the other foot on the top of a ladder ‘to everyone’s wonder and admiration’.

On 14th August 1831,  William Stephenson of Beverley had his will registered at York Assizes, the main beneficiary being Dr Alexander Turnbull of Hull. The doctor sued witnesses to the will who alleged it had been improperly drawn up. He lost his case, and left Hull soon afterwards.

On 14th June 1934, coxswain George Leng of Flamborough lifeboat Forester rescued 4 men from the cliffs at Thornwick Bay; they were in danger of drowning and unable to climb higher, in great danger as the tide had not reached its height. He threw them a line and got them into the lifeboat.

On 14th August 1937, Hull Baseball Club won the National Baseball Assn Open Challenge Cup 5-1 against Romford Wasps. Baseball was played at Craven Park until the outbreak of WW2.

On 14th August 1943, a company of 200 ‘British Pioneers’ was drafted to Hull for work on the docks, due to an increase in the number of ships carrying cargoes of war materials.


Pat church

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