August 13th

On 13th August 1778, the first recorded cricket match in East Yorkshire took place in Wallingfen, near North Cave, on a Thursday, between a Beverley team and Howden. Howden won (74-138?) The prize was 50 guineas.

On 13th August 1782, James Norrington was killed in a chalk pit at Hutton. He worked for Miles Smith of the Sunderlandwick Estate, who owned the chalk pit in Balk Lane.

On 13th August 1881, Ye White Hart Companie, while renovating and altering the old building, made a number of finds: human bones and Elizabethan period tobacco pipes under the floor, and old swords and a ship’s chart under the roof. They were put in the possession of antiquarian Alderman Symons. The company also seems to be responsible for creating the myth that the Plotting Parlour was the place where it was agreed to exclude King Charles.

Old White Harte

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