January 9th

On 9th January 1779, Morfitt Kilham, Richard Basehead, Isaac Cockshaw, John Emerson and Robt Fowler were each paid 1s for a day’s work filling the ice house on Beilby Thompson’s estate at Escrick Hall from the river, together with a share in a cheese worth 4s8d.

On 9th January 1836, Hull Trinity House provided relief to the families of men whose vessels were shipwrecked at the Davis Straits fishery.

On 9th January 1875, drivers Charles Sissons and William Jackson, and conductor Edward Read staffed Hull’s first tram when the Beverley Road line opened, and carried 1,116 passengers on the first day. The fare for the whole distance was 2d. Two trams operated a half hourly service, hauled by Flemish horses.

On 9th January 1935, Clarence Tomlinson aged 17, and 12 (some sources say 14) shipmates, died on board trawler Edgar Wallace off St Andrews Dock, Hull, when the ship foundered on a sand bank and sank, returning to home dock after trip to Bear Island.  The engineer of the salvage team also died when the tug Boatman capsized. 3 survived.



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