November 28th

On 28th November 1427, Richard Reedbarowe received royal assent to erect a lighted beacon at Ravensporne (Spurn Point) to prevent shipwrecks, and to maintain it by charging vessels a fee.

On 28th November 1901, Sarah Hebden of Hodgson Street, Hull, was battered to death by her nephew, Arthur Richardson. He was the first person to be hanged in Hull Prison, Hedon Road on 25.3.1902.

On 28th November 1904, Hull’s first telephone exchange opened at the former Trippett Street Baths.  In 1913, Hull’s became the only municipally owned telephone service, after all other services were bought by the Post Office.

On 28th November 1955, Mr John Davies, of J. Arthur Rank Organisation, officially opened the new Cecil Cinema, replacing the building destroyed in the blitz on 8.5.1941. Architects Gelder & Kitchen. Davies was accompanied by his wife, film star Dinah Sheridan.–fkaeP8

Cecil cinema


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