November 27th

On 27th November 1642, Royalist soldiers claiming to be Danish sailors, were in Hull as spies. Their aim was to open the gates when they saw a signal from a troop of Cavaliers coming from York. They opened the gates, but the lantern belonged to a miller returning home. Their cover had been blown; the Cavaliers had been routed and did not arrive. 2 of the Royalists were killed and the rest taken prisoner. N.B. I have not been able to verify this story.

On 27th November 1948, William Jackson & Son Ltd opened the first self-service grocery store in the area (beating Cusson’s by only 10 days). The experiment failed, requiring an extra employee to be taken on, and the store reverted to normal service within a year. photo shows an early Jackson’s store.

On 27th November 1969, the tug Hullman capsized in the River Humber off Grimsby whilst towing the Conoco Arrow, and 3 of her 10 crew died. The tug was recovered and returned to service. On 23.10.1971, she was lost in the North Sea while towing a crane barge.

Wm Jackson & Co

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