October 5th

On 5th October 1643, Sir John Meldrum was sent by Parliament with troops and supplies to help in the defence of Hull from attack by the Royalists.

On 5th October 1801, the residents and business people of Pocklington resolved, at a meeting in the Black Bull Inn, to create a canal to serve the town. The war with the French may have delayed matters, as it was 14 years before a Bill was presented to Parliament and passed. photo shows the canal today

On 5th October 1931, Matthew Stirling died, aged 74 in Hull. Mechanical engineer, designer of locomotives for Hull & Barnsley Railway, many of his designs including his powerful H&BR Class A(LNER Class Q10) 0-8-0freight locomotives were heavily used during World War I. (Born 27.11.1856, Kilmarnock)

On 5th October 1945, Frederick Bryan, 50, 3rd hand,  was lost with 8 shipmates when Hull trawler Grenada struck a mine (at 51 11N 8 10W).

Pocklington canal

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