September 8th

On 8th September 1069, the Danish king Sweyn Estrithson and a fleet of 240 ships anchored in the Humber accompanied by Edgar of Wessex who claimed England’s throne. They marched on York.

On 8th September 1292, King Edward I stayed in Beverley on his progress through East Yorkshire. photo shows his statue in Hull Guildhall

On 8th September 1402, William Asleby and other rioters from West Hull villages who had rioted as part of Hull’s ‘water wars’ had to do penance every year on the Friday nearest the Feast of the Nativity of Our Lady, by processing through Holy Trinity church naked, bare-headed and with bare feet, through the church during mass, carrying a 3lb burning candle. If they failed to comply, they would be fined £40 – though none of them had any goods of value.

On 8th September 1667, Richard Leeming, Mayor of Grantham, wrote to the Hull Mayor to notify him of the escape of a prisoner committed for murder supposed to be making for Hull.

On 8th September 1730, an accidental fire destroyed the house of John Mason and Richard Dagger, their goods, clothing and hay, making them destitute and entitled to poor relief from the parish.

Edward I


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