September 3rd

On 3rd September 1292, King Edward I stayed in his royal castle at Burstwick for 2 days, on his way back from Scotland. At some point he visited Wyke, and asked for a survey as part of plans to create a new town.

On 3rd September 1812, Abel Scurr, captain of Hull whaler Comet, left port for a whaling trip in the southern ocean, in the seas off the Galapagos. He was caught up in the Peruvian revolution, detained for a year, and then died before the ship began whaling, returning to port on 3.12.1815.

On 3rd September 1917, former Reckitt’s employee and driver G. Gill died of wounds received on active service with 37thDivision Ammunition Column and is buried in Bailleul Cemetery, France.

On 3rd September 1976, about 100 prisoners in Hull Prison, Hedon Road, took over 3 of the 4 wings, after a prisoner was beaten up by prison officers, citing grievances about conditions. Held a rooftop protest which lasted 67 hours. Huge amounts of damage were done to the prison, which was closed for a year.



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