August 25th

On 25th August 1929, 4 boys were on the dockside on a Sunday evening when fire broke out. They helped to save equipment and rescued a cat from one of the trawlers. The fire destroyed the recently refurbished No 2 Market, 100 offices, 105 railway wagons, and set alight 7 trawlers, 3 of which were totally burnt out. Damage was variously valued at £250,000 and £750,000. The cause was probably an electrical fault.

On 25th August 1940, 6 residents of Rustenburg Street, Hull, in their Anderson shelter, were the first fatalities due to Hull air raids. photo shows an Anderson shelter in construction.

On 25th August, 1956, A train of empty coaches hit the buffers at speed and went up onto the platform at Filey Holiday Camp Rail Station.  An enquiry found that the brakes were not properly coupled. Driver Goforth,  Fireman Bentley and Guard Wharam were slightly injured.

On 25th August 1972, the crew of the Flamborough lifeboat Friendly Forester rescued 2 people cut off by the tide at Flamborough.


Anderson shelter

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