July 30th

whalebone arch Pat.JPG

On 30th July  1526, Preston butcher John Erdy claimed sanctuary at the church of St John, Beverley, for felony and debt.

On 30th July 1643, the parish clerk of St Mary’s, Beverley, reported in the parish register that they buried 13 men killed on the King’s side in the Civil War.

On 30th July 1782, the crew of Hull whaler Benjamin landed 135 butts of blubber and over 2 tons of whalebone, the product of 3 whales caught in the Davis Strait. (Rev George Lambert had shares in the ship). photo shows whalebone arch outside Patrington

On 30th July 1861, John Ellerthorpe, aged 55, rescued John Eaby, who had fallen into the Humber Dock Basin, Hull. This was Ellerthorpe’s 39thand last rescue. Named ‘The Hero of the Humber’, he was awarded with the Royal Humane Society’s Silver Medal.

On 30th July 1891, Mary Jane Langley, 18 years, of Westfield Farm, Long Lane (now Neat Marsh Road) Preston, was last seen alive when she walked to Marfleet and took the train to Hull to have her photo taken. Her body was found in a ditch near her home. Her throat had been cut. John Rennard was arrested and tried, but not convicted.




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