May 31st

On 31st May 1902, Hornsea residents celebrated the end of the Boer War, with an impromptu service held at the Parish Church at 10p.m., followed by a procession around the town, with people singing and waving flags, while others let off fireworks. This may have included Hornsea Brass Band, which existed until WW1.

On 31st May 1905, Teddy Gudmensen, 33, deckhand, was lost overboard from Hull trawler Swan 93 miles NE of Spurn.

On 31st May 1916, Alfred Dean, stoker 1st class and former Reckitt’s employee, was drowned while serving on HMS Invincible in the Battle of Jutland.

photo shows the Services memorial, East Park, Hull.

Services memorial, E Pk


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