July 21st

On 21st July 1304, Henry de Percy granted permission for a 2 day annual market and fair to Nafferton with Wansford, where his family held land. It doesn’t appear to have been a success, as income was recorded in 1314, with no mention of it after this date.

On 21st July 1793, the Master of Hull Trinity House School in his weekly report ‘lamented 2 absentees who were never corrected for it. Their mothers are such notorious harpies and kick up such a shameful dust among us’.

On 21st July 1943, the Regional Air Raid Commissioner produced a report on the Trekking Situation in Hull, with concerns that people were leaving the city at night to avoid air-raids, often sleeping in ditches and verges. photo shows Londoners sleeping in the Underground – which, of course, Hull did not have. I have not been able to find images of night trekkers from Hull.

air raid shelter-aldwych