April 12th

On 12th April 627AD, King Edwin of Northumbria convened his Great Council at  Londesborough and agreed to adopt Christianity; King Edwin’s high priest Coifi destroyed the pagan temple at Goodmanham.

On 12th April 1748, William Kent (orig Cant) died aged 63 . This Bridlington-born architect and polymath, originator of the English style of landscape gardening, also introduced the Palladian style of architecture to England.  His buildings include Treasury Buildings and Horseguards, both in Whitehall, and Holkham Hall. (bapt 1.1.1686) photo shows his house in Bridlington old town

On 12th April 1855, John Enderby Jackson’s  ‘The Withernsea Quadrilles’ were played for the first time at a ball to celebrate the opening of  Withernsea’s first hotel, Queens Hotel, for visitors travelling on the new Hull to Withernsea rail line. Before the railway opened the previous year, the village population was tiny (108 in 1801), with 1 inn, and farming was the main occupation.

William Kent's house

January 29th

On 29th January 1505, Richard Naperton, labourer, of Goodmanham, claimed sanctuary at the church of St John, Beverley, for debt.

On 29th January 1885, William Barlow, 15, cook, was lost overboard from Hull trawler Only Son in the North Sea.

On 29th January 1916, Sir Clements Robert Markham KCB, FRS of Stillingfleet died aged 85. Born in Stillingfleet, he became a Navy officer, explorer and geographer, Secretary of the Royal Geographical Society, organiser of Scott’s 1901-4 National Antarctic Expedition, author, and organiser of the 1860 expedition to collect cinchona for quinine.

sir clemts markham