April 5th

On 5th April 1788, Catherine Savage, of Holme on Spalding Moor, was hanged at York for entering Stephen Ridsdale’s Welton house and stealing clothes. Ridsdale was a tailor and stay maker. Savage’s husband, Abraham, was sentenced to transportation.

On 5th April 1806, George Ormond, 30, of Hull, was hanged at York Castle for forging bank documents from Raper, Clough & Swann Bank, York.

On 5th April 1837, Alexander Gordon Carte, ordnance storekeeper at Hull Citadel, had one of his inventions, Carte’s Sea Service Rocket Apparatus, recommended for adoption by the Liverpool Dock Committee. He also invented the self-adjusting cork lifebelt, and an alarm system. His safety equipment was on view at the Great Exhibition in 1851. photo shows a cork lifelt from the 1860s

On 5th April 1916, Jesse Matthews died of shock in Barnsley Street, Hull, the only casualty of a Zeppelin raid which damaged a house in Portobello Street. The Zeppelin was hit by gunfire.

cork lifebelt, 1860s

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