January 26th

St Andrews Dock memorial
Zebedee’s Yard

On 26th January 1509, William Ivenson, Hull tailor, claimed sanctuary at the church of St John, Beverley for debt.

On 26th January 1516, John Catton, husbandman, of Allerthorpe, claimed sanctuary at the church of St John, Beverley, for felony.

On 26th January 1884, former pupil of Hull Trinity House School John Blakeston drowned after falling into the sea while reefing sails on the Barque Cape City off Rosario, Cape Horn.

On 26th January 1926, Ronnie Hilton was born Adrian Hill  in Hull. A singer, had 9 top 20 hits in the 1950s, and was also a radio presenter and pantomime artiste.  d 21.2.2001

On 26th January 1968, Hull trawler Kingston Peridot made her last contact by radio. See 10.1

On 26th January 1972, students at Hull University held a sit-in, called The January 26 Movement, in the Students Union building. It was part of an anti-apartheid campaign to persuade Hull University to divest itself of shares in Reckitt & Colman, which had extensive interests in South Africa and Rhodesia. The sit-in ended on 7th February.


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