January 18th

On 18th January 1482, William Rougthwayt, baker, of Beverley, claimed sanctuary in Durham cathedral for killing John Thomson at Beverley on 8 Dec; he claimed it was in self-defence. He wounded Thomson in the thigh with a dagger, and he died of the wound later that day, presumably from loss of blood.

On 18th January 1511, tailor Thomas Bonfay of Everingham claimed sanctuary at the church of St John, Beverley, for the theft of goods and chattels from Nicholas Suttell, a gentleman.

On 18th January 1582, Hull draper William Robertson was fined 5s8d for buying herrings landed from a Scottish ship, against the port regulations. Because he was ignorant of the statute, and promised not to reoffend, he was allowed to keep the herrings.

On 18th January 1801, James Evans was born in Hull. A teacher, Methodist minister and linguist, he developed a script for the previously unwritten Ojibwe and Cree languages, leading to almost universal literacy among speakers of these languages. d23.11.1846 in Canada.

james evans

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