November 2nd

On 2nd November 1304, Lord Walter de Fauconberg, first Baron Fauconberg, of Rise, died aged about 80 at Rise (or Withernwick) and was buried at Nunkeeling. He had a long military career, and supported Simon de Montfort in his rebellion against King Henry III, for which he lost his lands for several years to Robert Bruce, but redeemed them in 1268.  Married Agnes de Brus.

On 2nd November 1595, John Thorgey left 5s per year for ever, to be distributed by Patrington church wardens to the poor. photo shows Patrington church

On 2nd November 1988, one of the worst industrial fires in Hull killed employee Jennifer Powley, 17, and left Janine Gilfillan with serious burns when a fire led to explosions and evacuation of nearby houses.

Pat church

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