June 30th

On 30th June 1493, William Hall of Hull claimed sanctuary in the church of St John, Beverley, for the death of Thomas Harwed, a glover, also of Hull.

On 30th June 1643, Nicholas Pearson, Parish clerk, a Puritan, reported on a ‘great scrimmage’ in the town, the day before. ‘God gave us the victory’ meaning that Parliament won. 13 Royalists were buried the same day.

On the same day in Hull, the Committee of Defence ordered that 8 men guard Captain  Hotham to prevent his escape. His father, Sir John, was kept in the Hercules in the Humber before both were taken to the Tower of London.

On 30th June 1945, Hull Aldermen Hewitt and Stark acted as driver and conductor on the last ever Hull tram, illuminated with 800 fairy lights, and watched by up to 50,000 people. Trams had operated since 1899.

On 30th June 1999, Hull’s Lord Mayor Brian Petch presided at a ceremony to note the renovation and restoration of the gates of the former RAF station in Sutton, installed at the Gillshill Road entrance to East Park.


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