July 9th

On 9th July 1905, Robert Skilling, Hull chauffeur,  caused possibly Hornsea’s first motoring offence, when under the influence of drink, he drove at 20mph from Market Place into Newbegin without sounding his horn. About 200 people who had just come out of the parish church, had to scatter.  At Leven Petty Sessions Skilling was fined £3.

On 9th July 1915, Albert Baxter, private, and former Reckitt’s employee, died in action with the East Yorkshire Regiment and is buried in RE Farm Cemetery, Heuvelland.

On 9th July 1952, Henry Saunderson, aged 13, the son of the skipper of the Cape Duner,  was a cadet at the Boulevard Nautical School who joined his father for a pleasure trip during the summer break, and was lost overboard. His father presented a cup in his memory at the school’s prizegiving day.


Nautical School Boulevard

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