June 4th

On 4th June 1369, 49 men and women of Hull formed themselves into a guild in honour of the Holy Trinity, and bound themselves to help each other in poverty and sickness. This guild developed into Hull Trinity House.

On 4th June 1646, Christopher Hildyard of Routh was fined £130 as a member of the Royalist army (a delinquent) in order to recover his goods which had been sequestered by Pariament.

On 4th June 1753, the first stone of the new building for Hull Trinity House was laid; the building had been on the same site since 1461, but was enlarged and rebuilt.

On 4th June 1944, John Raddings, Humber pilot, Was censured at an enquiry for failing to properly control the SS Clearpool, resulting in her stranding on Middle Sand in the Humber, and total loss; there were no casualties, but the wreck had to be dispersed (i.e. blown up) by the Admiralty.


Trinity House

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