August 10th

On 10th August 1530, Gilbert Cornevell, fishmonger of Beverley, claimed sanctuary at the church of St John, Beverley, ‘for a felony committed at Kirkelly (Kirk Ella) and because he engaged in false coining and for other reasons’.

On 10th August 1785, Rev George Lambert of Hull saw a 2ndwhale displayed at South End, which had beached near Wintringham.

On 10th August 1889, 30 Hull workmen left Hull on a trip to the Paris Exhibition, at the expense of Hull Central MP Henry King. They included sculptor John S. Holmes, jeweller James Lord, stonemason Edwin Quibell, with painters, fitters joiners etc.

On 10th August 1915, Ralph Thomas was born in Hull. Film director, best known for directing the “Doctor” series of films and other comedies, but also directed the 1959 version of ‘The 39 Steps’, ‘Tale of  Two Cities’, ‘Campbell’s Kingdom’ etc.  His brother Gerald directed the ‘Carry On’ series. (d 17.3.2001)


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