November 11th

Lister's Hospital, S Church Side


On 11th November 1642, the building work at the new William Lister’s Hospital in South Church Side, Hull, was inspected. They were surprised to find Mr Gough, Reader at Holy Trinity church, living there, in rooms allocated to the Assistant Preacher, which post was vacant at the time. Eventually, agreement was reached with the Mayor and Aldermen whereby Gough was allowed to remain, and given the post on a temporary basis.  He appears to have still been in post 20 years later. A dispute arose in 1749 over the same rooms, and post, when the trustees decided that the Mayor and aldermen had no power to ‘intermeddle’ this time. photo shows the Hospital

On 11th November 1899, the Evan Fraser Hospital opened at West Carr, Sutton-on-Hull as an isolation hospital for smallpox patients, named after a surgeon and Hull alderman (d.8.4.1906). The hospital replaced the Garrison Hospital on Sammy’s Point. Police were posted outside to prevent access, and the city banned religious services and the loan of library books.

On 11th November 1920, Mr Arthur B. Reckitt unveiled memorial tablets at Reckitt’s Institute, Dansom Lane, Hull, to staff who had died in World War 1. 159 Reckitts employees died.

On 11th November 1942, Abdul Rahman, aged 22, seaman, was lost to enemy action whilst in Merchant Navy on board SS City of Ripon of Hull, in Atlantic convoy.


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