September 25th

On 25th September 1781, the Church authorities had Auburn Chapel taken down before it joined the rest of the village at the bottom of the cliff.

On 25th September 1882, Alfred Deakin, 11 and Frederick Gillett, 12, died as a result of an accident at a fireworks display in Hull Botanice Gardens. Several others were injured, 3 of them seriously. The inquest gave a finding of accidental death.

On 25th September 1917, Army gunners at Paull Point Battery prevented a Zeppelin attack on Hull, holding the craft in their searchlight until it was chased off by a fighter plane. The Battery was to the right of the houses on the photo – now known as Fort Paull.

On 25th September 1991, Officer cadet Kate Saunders, 22, became the first woman to eject from an aircraft when a bird strike caused her RAF Harrier to crash; she suffered a broken leg, broken pelvis, crushed vertebrae and 20% burns. The pilot, Sqn Ldr Ashley Stevenson, pulled her from the burning wreckage, and was awarded the Queens Commendation for Brave Conduct.


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