September 6th




On 6th September 1611, Thomas Marmaduke, Master of the Hull ship Heartsease, and junior brother of Hull Trinity House, returned from the Arctic with a cargo of whale and walrus hides and blubber, the first cargo of the whaling trade on behalf of the Muscovy Company. He was credited with a number of discoveries, none of them substantiated, and a bay in Greenland was named for him Marmaduke’s Cove, which the Dutch called Dusko, and was later known as Disko.

On 6th September 1640, Sir Thomas Glemham was appointed Governor of Hull by King Charles I; the Mayor and Aldermen objected to Lord Strafford about the creation of this new post, in addition to the Mayor’s role, but was advised to go along with it, to prevent the King’s anger.

On 6th September 1650, John Ramsden was removed from his office as Hull alderman for refusing to take an oath recognising the authority of the government without King or House of Lords.  In 1659 he became MP for Hull.


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