June 22nd

On 22nd June 1587, John Truslove, Mayor of Beverley, asked Hull Mayor, Luke Thruscross, to release a prisoner from Hull gaol who was held for wounding a young Beverley man.  The record does not indicate why he was released.

On 22nd June 1669,  William Lister MP wrote to the Hull mayor concerning the question of fining an alderman living out of town and absenting himself from office.

On 22nd June 1897, Mappleton villagers celebrated Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee with sports for children and adult races, and sweets were thrown on the grass for the children to scramble for.

On 22nd June 1900, Herbert Hebb of Leven, private in Volunteer Service Company, 2nd East Yorkshire Regiment, died aged 22 at Winburg, South Africa, in the Boer War.

On 22nd June 1940, Miss F. Livingstone, owner of Mappleton windmill, was doing war work in Sheffield when the mill was requisitioned, as furnished, by the War Dept for use by the Army. 2 soldiers from the 2ndDorsetshire Regiment were billeted there. By October, they had left, and the house was badly damaged, all furniture having been used for firewood. In 1943 the War Dept offered her £10. The outcome of the claim is not known.


EY regiment 1908

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