October 29th

On 29th October 1810, Hull Trinity House delivered the first Spurn lifeboat, arriving at the Point from South Shields towed by the brig Thomas. (and see 15.11)

On 29th October 1889, Daniel Patten, aged 25, died of enteric fever at the Colonial Hospital, Gibraltar; the former pupil of Hull Trinity House School was 2nd officer of the SS Marengo.

On 29th October 1829, Rawcliffe merchant and eccentric Jemmy Hirst, died aged 91.  He travelled in a wicker carriage, driven by sails or by his pet bull, Jupiter. Created a flying machine and other contraptions. Wore a waistcoat of drakes’ feathers, a lambskin hat 3 yards in circumference, harlequin breeches and a red coat with blue sleeves to the races. Went hunting riding his pet bull and used pigs as pointers.

Jemmy Hirst