July 9th

On 9th July 1905, Robert Skilling, Hull chauffeur,  caused possibly Hornsea’s first motoring offence, when under the influence of drink, he drove at 20mph from Market Place into Newbegin without sounding his horn. About 200 people who had just come out of the parish church, had to scatter.  At Leven Petty Sessions Skilling was fined £3.

On 9th July 1915, Albert Baxter, private, and former Reckitt’s employee, died in action with the East Yorkshire Regiment and is buried in RE Farm Cemetery, Heuvelland.

On 9th July 1952, Henry Saunderson, aged 13, the son of the skipper of the Cape Duner,  was a cadet at the Boulevard Nautical School who joined his father for a pleasure trip during the summer break, and was lost overboard. His father presented a cup in his memory at the school’s prizegiving day.


Nautical School Boulevard

June 21st

On 21st June 1366, Sir William de la Pole died. The first Mayor of Hull, knighted by Edward III, was lord of Myton. He acquired some land just outside Hull where there was a college of 6 secular priests. They were replaced by Franciscans, then Sir William pulled down the buildings and built a hospital. Then he introduced Poor Clare nuns and poor people, but did not live to complete his plans. His son Michael introduced Carthusian monks, and the Charterhouse came into being.

On 21st June 1535, Winestead priest Christopher Michell told his congregation to recognise the Pope as head of the church, in spite of instructions to honour Henry VIII as Supreme Head of the English Church. Michell was jailed in Beverley.

On 21st June 1643, John Pym reported to Parliament on the actions of Capt John Hotham, in charge of troops near Newark, who had allowed his men to harass and steal from local people, turned a gun on Cromwell, and generally acted insolently and in an undisciplined way, and was also suspected of communicating secretly with the Queen. Later, Hotham escaped from prison.

On 21st June 1908, Hull women hired a special train to London for a “Women’s Sunday” rally organised by the WSPU, attended by 300,000 to 500,000; the Hull contingent is said to be the largest from any provincial society.

On 21st June 1915, children from Mappleton School went to Rolston Camp to see the troops depart for France; they marched to Hornsea train station.

On 21st June 1918, Edward Vere Wright was born in Elloughton. Amateur archaeologist and palaeontologist, he found the first of the 4,000 year old Ferriby boats, with his brother Claude in 1937. In 1940, Ted found a 2ndboat, and with his son Roderick in 1963, a 3rdboat. (d 18.5.2010) photo shows a model of one of the boats in Hull & ER Museum.

On 21st June 1993, Hilary Catherine Brown of Tibthorpe died aged 13. (born Bolzano 12.9.1979) Hilary wrote this verse, which is written on her gravestone in Kirkburn church: The storm finished, the night diminished, the day progressed, bringing a sparkling dawn.


Ferriby boat model ERmuseum

June 11th

On 11th June 1312, a miracle was recorded when some boys whose sight was failing had their eyes smeared with oil which flowed from the tomb of St John of Beverley. Their sight then began to improve.

On 11th June 1909, the Hornsea Golf Club officially opened; a large gathering of golfers from Hull, Leeds, Doncaster, Scarborough, Beverley and Bridlington took part in various competitions.

On 11th June  1925, John Ball, 17, deckhand of Michael St, Hull, was lost overboard from Hull trawler Wheatstone 182 miles ExN of Spurn.

St Andrews Dock memorial


May 31st

On 31st May 1902, Hornsea residents celebrated the end of the Boer War, with an impromptu service held at the Parish Church at 10p.m., followed by a procession around the town, with people singing and waving flags, while others let off fireworks. This may have included Hornsea Brass Band, which existed until WW1.

On 31st May 1905, Teddy Gudmensen, 33, deckhand, was lost overboard from Hull trawler Swan 93 miles NE of Spurn.

On 31st May 1916, Alfred Dean, stoker 1st class and former Reckitt’s employee, was drowned while serving on HMS Invincible in the Battle of Jutland.

photo shows the Services memorial, East Park, Hull.

Services memorial, E Pk